作品名 |パサージュのある事務所の改修

所在地 |愛知県名古屋市


施工  |辻創建株式会社



竣工日 |2018年

グッドデザイン賞2019,日本空間デザイン賞,MINI BUILDING 9(出版:韓国A&C Publishing),ABITARE 2019年12月号(出版:イタリアABITARE社),年鑑日本の空間デザイン2020(出版:六耀社)・ArchdailyYouBuild 2019年3月号ABITAREELLE DECOR 2019年12月号(ハースト婦人画報社)



The smallest unit constituting "society"

This is a renovation project of an office presided over by the two co-owners. This space, where two people share their time, is said to be the smallest spatial unit in society. Since it required two personalities and desires in one space, we created a unit space filled with many possibilities. The office is a small area of 28 square meters, but it is finely segmented, creating a number of spaces. Since that is the case, while having our personalities in the same place, we aim at the state related to separation. We expanded the small place and the whole, and made the appropriate balance.



Interruption by another person

Along with the dismantling of the existing space, there were many findings. The facility shaft on the upper floor passes through our office on the first floor horizontally and vertically. Parts that require periodic meter readings and inspections, such as the water meters and sewage basins in the entire building, are located on the first floor. This originates from what was initially established by the original construction, but the first floor tenant must undertake the share spaces of the entire building. So, we thought to actively undertake such [distortion] that gradually accumulated in the past 40 years. The office space is set as the core in the center, and the concurrent space becomes a place where others are able to interrupt. Acceptable things are kept as much as possible, and unacceptable [distortion] arising from environmental, historical and structural aspects is undertaken by surplus space other than core. As a shared water meter and a sewage basin remain, we defined this surplus space as a “passage”, which is in a very private area.


日本では、人々の日常的な活動の場を[道]が補完してきた。西洋における[広場]の役割を[道]が担ってきたとも言われる。私たちは本プロジェクトにおいて、外部に面した余剰空間である[道]に5つの開口部を設けた。特権的な開口部は作らず、モノやコトの流出入を自然発生的に生み出す、最小限の開口部だ。緩やかに連続するこの[道]は、それぞれ一定の用途 (Kitchen, Gallery, Meeting Space, Library etc.) を持つが、この開口部を通じ、互いに別の意味を持つものへと変化する可能性をもつ。分けることと連関することを等価に扱うことで、私性と公共性を徐々に調停していくような空間を目指した。

A way to mediate between private and public

In Japan, “street” complemented the place of peoples’ daily activities. It can also be said that “street” has played the role of the “square” in foreign countries. In this project, we set five openings in the facade which is additional space facing the outside. It is a minimal opening that spontaneously produces the flow of goods and events without creating one specific opening. This moderately continuous “passage” has certain uses (Kitchen, Gallery, Meeting Space, Library etc.), but through this opening there is a possibility of changing to different purposes. By treating the division and linkage equivalently, we aimed at a space that gradually mediates private and public.

Photo by Hiroshi Tanigawa

NI&Co. Architects 一級建築士事務所

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